Sunday, June 7, 2009

our mini family vacation...

This past week , The Aubertin family headed to Horseshoe Resort , just north of Barrie ON. My parents have had a condo there for approx. 20 years . This year we were finally able to use it. Due to our crazy schedules we have not been up there since Carson was four months old...he's six years now!
The weather was perfect. the outdoor pool was about 82 so the kids enjoyed some water fun. Rene and I even slipped in for a little dip.

On Thursday, we enjoyed a very adventurous morning at Yamaha Adventures. Yamaha Adventure is a place , at Horseshoe, were you can rent dirt bikes, Rhino's and four wheelers and enjoy some of the amazing Simcoe County Forest trails. We decided to rent two Rhino's which all four of us could fit it! It was A BLAST!!! Our trail guide, Brock, was great! He took us on some pretty cool trails. Then when we return for our snack break, the owner asked up if Shelyn and carson would like to learn how to ride the dirk bikes...YIKES!!!! Of course the answer was YES!!!
They did amazing. We even ventured across the road to a moto cross track where the kids enjoyed some time on the bikes and Rene and I enjoyed some more time on the Rhinos.
I must say, this was the highlight of our trip.
We then enjoyed some time at Wasaga Beach and ventured onto Collingwood and checked out Blue Mountain. Breath taking. The village at Blue Mountain was beautiful. We even took the Gondola up the mountain and enjoyed some walking trails and the views from the top.
This was a much needed vacation and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously!

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