Sunday, May 31, 2009


Rene was so kind to upload my pics to the computer tonight so I thought I would share some pics of what the Aubertin family did on Mothers Day this year.
We were invited to the Closs family in Oshawa. They had recently moved into their beautiful home and we were so excited to be able to enjoy sometime with them in it!
The kids made crafts, watched movies, played barbies(yes, even the boys) and had the random arguments that kids tend to have.
The adults enjoyed great food, great laughs and a few great beverages as well!
We stayed the night at the Closs family home so we could get up Early and head to the Science Centre for Mothers'day.
I must not forget...Shawn was so kind to make Corrie and myself a yummy breakfast for mothers'day...thank you again Shawn!
We enjoyed a great day at the science centre checking out all of the really cool exhibits. I think one of the highlights for me was when Corrie and I got on the static ball stage to mess our hear up... Great fun.
It was a wonderful Mother's Day and I could not have thought of a better way to spend it then with family and friends!
Happy Mother's Day!

The two Mommy's with their munchkins in the rain forest at the Science Centre

Shelyn and Carson on the "static ball "stage..hard to tell but Carson's hair did stand up...a bit!

Now it was the mommy's at heart!

My little monkey on the rock wall

Shelyn and I trying our turn at the Olympics bobsled racing

This was sooooo cool... 'This was in the children's area. The name of the exhibit slips my mind but as you can see, we had a lot of fun with this one!

This is Carson

Caylie, Carson, Shelyn and Tyler
At the Science Centre

Rene enjoying some snacks at the Closs's home!

Me (as photographed by Shelyn) helping out in the kitchen

Caylie and Carson enjoying their craft time in the craft room. These are lucky little kids who live in this house. They have a "craft room " a "toy"room and their own bedrooms. Shelyn and Carson really enjoy their play time with Tyler and Caylie.

Thank you Corrie, Shawn, tyler and Caylie for a great wekend! We can't to do it again!

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