Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our new "Home away from Home" this summer!
We are a camping family, always have been, always will! We {heart} the outdoors and can't get enough of it even during the winter months. We are so lucky to live in a country that has the MOST beautiful parks and lakes.
Since Rene and I started dating,we have always been "tenters". We loved the coziness of a tent But last year did us in. We camped approx four times last summer and I don't believe there was one weekend we did not have rain. Tents and rain...not a fun combo!
So this year we were on the hunt to get off the ground, which meant moving into the world of "tent-trailers". Do we go new or used...that was the debate!
Fortunately for us, our friends were purchasing a new tent trailer and gave us the opportunity to purchase theirs.
We {heart} our new tent trailer. The first weekend we had it, the kids an I slept in the trailer that evening. it was great!
We are so looking forward to next weekend which will be our first camping adventure of the year with our new trailer...Sandbanks here we come!

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