Saturday, September 25, 2010

We are so excited that our house is finally off the market. We actually pulled it from the realtor and decided to sell it privately. We were fortunate to know someone who knew someone and it all worked out! We are so Happy that this family will enjoy many year of memories in this home just as we have.
Now I can officially share some pictures of our new build. I 'm a little superstitious so i didnt'want to share them until the papers were signed, although I have already taken some Friends through the house..LOL
We move in two week...YIKES!!! Which means I really should be packing and not on the computer ... dont'tell Rene!!
We LOVE our new house and can't wait to get in it!
We still can't say enough about our builder
They have been amazing ever step of the way!
We were able to change up the design of the house a little bit to suit our lifestyle!
It's not a mansion... but it's our Mansion!
I will posted more pictures of the completed house when I have a chance!

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Amy said...

Oh wow Krista!!! It's HUGE!!!! In my dreams for sure.... So happy you are getting exactly what you had hopes for..Look forward to seeing some more pics soon.