Thursday, September 9, 2010

their going back...

Tomorrow will mark the end of the first week back to school. Shelyn is in grade 5 and Carson grade 2...YIKES!! This is very hard to swallow! grade 5.. really??? Shelyn was really looking forward to school but Carson on the other hand was not. Usually Carson doesn't really have any comment when it comes to school. As long as he can still play mini sticks, he's happy! This year was different! He told us he didn't want to go back because he had the "meanest" teacher in the WORLD! Wow, such a powerful statment but so far so good!

I love when September rolls around. Not only because its my birthday month but because it brings the return of routine. Although we enjoy our summer vacations , swimming in pools, BBQ's and all summer has to offer, there is something about routine that brings me comfort!

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