Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WELCOME to our new home!
We are in and loving it! It has been a long journey starting from the day Rene and I bought our first home together 9 years ago. Our first home was to be our 5 year plan home. Meaning , the plan was to sell in 5 years from the date we moved in and build our "forever"home. So it took a few more years but it all happened for a reason and we are THRILLED with the way things fell into place.
Still trying to unpack boxes and I'm realizing there is so much that we actually could live without! My goal is to try and simplify my life as easily as I can and unpacking boxes full of "stuff"that has no meaning is the first place to start.
We can't say enough about our Builder "Duvanco Homes". Sorry if I'm repeating myself but we are truly pleased with the Team at Duvanco and deeply appreciate their assistance along the way. I think I have a crush on them...ha ha !!
The kids are settling into their new surroundings. Carson had a rough few nights from the start but all is well now.
(i will post pictures of the bedrooms and bathrooms but they were a mess at the time I took the others)
We live on a dead end road so the kids are having great fun with their new found freedom of riding their bikes and going for walks independently.
We have met a few neighbors and everyone seems to be very friendly. They most likely have seen too much of us Aubertins in the last few weeks because we do not have any window coverings on yet..tee hee hee!
The wheels are turning already on how to decorate for Christmas. Trying my best to put my creativity to work and decorate the most economical way this year.. will see how that goes.
Thanks for checking in and stop by anytime. The kettle is always on!
enjoy the tour...
front foyer

the painter is coming back to paint the front door a deep brick red.. I can't wait!

front foyer with the kids closet and our closet...love this!!

the view from the top of the stairs...excuse the dirty floor

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE my walk in pantry! The kids do as well, it's a new hiding spot!

on the hunt for new end tables and a coffee table , this one is the wrong color and way too small!

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