Monday, June 7, 2010


Shelyn's Hip Hop dance recital
Empire Theatre Belleville.
Shelyn {hearts} Hip Hop. She continues to take lessons up until July . Must get her moves from mommy!!!

Lott family Easter get together on Howe Island.
This is a picture of the "big" kids doing their scavenger hunt. It was really interesting to see how they worked together to figure out what the glues were.

A scavenger hunt on the front lawn for the littler ones.

Chelsea and Sawyer playing t-ball with the croaky set

My adorable little nephew Liam

Some creative time!!!
I made this adorable little card for a friend's baby shower. Got my inspiration from Scrapbooks trends magazine.

Our March break trip to Watertown ,NY

Shelyn SO wanted to take this chair home with her... Sorry honey it's not for sale!

Carson enjoying the MANY flavours of gum balls

Tyke Select End of Season party

Liam came to visit us and Cheer on Carson and the Stirling Blues!

Check out his shirt... I wonder who bought this one????
Gananoque Novice Rep hockey Tourney
This was the very first over night hockey tournament the Stirling Blues Tyke Select team had. That had a BLAST! Not only did they win the tournament, I think they had just as much fun running the halls of the hotel, trying to fit the entire team in our jacuzzi tub.
This sure brought back memories of the tournaments my brother was in and where we wold spend each one of our weekends in the winter.
We had a wonderful hockey season this year and met so many wonderful people!
Thank you to Fred , Dave and Rene for doing such a great job teaching and guiding this great little team!

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