Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day 2010...

It hard to believe our government has taken DECADES to determine we need a "Family"Day here in Canada. ALL store, including the mall and big box stores are closed! I {LOVE} it! A day to spend exclusively with the ones we love. Unless that is , if you are a "shift working"family , like us! Living as a shift worker family from the get-go , for the most part, is fine. You adapt to those holidays or special occasion and make the best of it whenever you can. Yesterday was Valentines Day and my dearest husband was working. The kids and I enjoyed a yummy heart shaped pancake breakfast and then off to the rink we went for Carson's hockey game. Afterward were met up with my aunt and cousin at the mall enjoying some time in Toys R Us and Children's Place! A great little Valentines day!

I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and extended family! I love each and everyone of them for who they are. My family means the world to me! We love to spend time together, we learn from each other , we laugh at each other and we love each other!

So today we are headed out to our local YMCA for a Family swim, then back to the arena for time with our "hockey family". I hope you had a chance to be with the ones you love!

Happy Family Day Everyone!


Amy said...

Mike worked the weekend too, so we are spending V-day and Family Day without him as well.
I must admit, although most days I deal with the shifts, there are other days that I do complain. lol.
(You do get used to it though.)
Hope you all have fun!!

Anonymous said...

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