Monday, June 7, 2010

Life update...
So much time has past since my last blog entry . Here is a snapshot of what the "Aubertins"have been up to in the past four months...
We are building our dream home...
To say we are excited is a very LARGE understatement!!!
The perfect lot in a perfect little country subdivision only 7 minutes from where we live now. If all goes well, we will be in out new home by the end of September.

They just started digging last week. We are so excited to see the step -by-step progress of our home. The foundation should be poured this week and Rene and I have a meeting with the designer on Thursday...{butterflies} ...

This past week , we scooted away to Horseshoe Valley Resort, North West of Barrie,for a little four day vacation with just the four of us!
I have been going here for the past 18 year..holy crap... has it been that long???
It's so wonderful that I can now bring my children!

We always try to get an afternoon in at Wasaga Beach, if the weather Cooperates!
It was an over cast day be we made the best of it!

At the top of Blue Mountain, Collingwood

Lunch on the patio

Our little monkey!

Carson and Rene took in a round of golf (9 holes)
Carson was given a set of children's sizes "real"golf clubs last year from a family friend.
This was the first time he actually played a real round of golf at Horseshoe Valley. he was thrilled!
They played 9 holes and Carson shot a 72
Way to Go little man!!!

We enjoyed lots of swimming and time in the hot tub

In April, Rene and I "jet setted"to Las Vegas Navada for a 6 day vacation, just the two of us!
We had a great time! There is so much to see and do in the "city that never sleeps". We enjoyed a few shows, a night helicopter ride over the "strip" a trip to the Hoover Damn and just some plain old "together time".
Would love to go back again soon. Maybe this time with a few friends in tow!
We took over 300 picture and I couldn't possibly include them all here but I did include a few for you to enjoy!

The Gondola rides in the Venitian

The Hoover Damn

We now have a "Track Star"in the family and her name is Shelyn!
In grade four, you are able to try out for all kinds of sports teams. Shelyn had a desire to be part of the track team. With her successful Cross country season she felt she could handle the new challenge of Track .
Well, handle it she did! The first track event was Relay. The girls did wonderful and I think they finished 5th in the entire county area!
Now she is running track (400m, 800m and 1500m) Two weeks ago she placed first in the ASG (all schools groups) 800m, second in 400m and opted out of the 1500 m because it was a scorching hot day!
Next Tuesday is the district meet and we can't wait to cheer on our little star!

This is Rene's new toy!

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