Monday, February 8, 2010

outside of my comfort zone!

One of my new years "goals" for this year was to do something that is totally outside of my comfort zone and boy did I! A few weekends ago I went and had some photos taken of myself by Jenna of . Jenna does beautiful pictures which i have always admired. she has such an amazing creative eye! This time, she was offering a photo session called "Sexy back sessions" . This was a promo for Valentines day. My chance to test myself and leap out of the "zone". This was also a surprise gift for Rene. Well... I was SO nervous when I arrived at the shoot. Jenna suggested posing in front of the mirror at home , something I NEVER do and NEVER did! She also made suggestions on types of clothing to take and some "sexy" posing ideas. Lets just say, my flannel jammies were not on her "sexy" list! LOL So I did some searching and found a few things I thought would work. I arrived at the shoot, like I said, nervous has heck and I walked in a ladies are getting their hair done, nails done and sipping on champagne, well, "I can handle this!" So I was forth in line and the closer I got to my shoot , the more excited I got for this AMAZING opportunity. All I started to think about was the expression on Rene's face when he sees these pics!
So I had my photo shoot and felt so good when I was finished! I couldn't wait to see the pics. Jenna was very prompt at getting the proofs out. Once I saw the proofs I couldn't keep the secret from Rene any more. I knew I had to show him and was dieing to see the expression on his face. So we were almost ready to go to sleep one night and I told him I had a surprise for him, half of his Valentines gift and I just couldn't wait to give it to him. So i grabbed the lap top and brought it into the bedroom. I opened the slide show file and handed the laptop to him. Words can not describe the look on his face. He really couldn't get his words out(something that never happens to Rene,he's alwasy a man of words..LOL) it went a little like this..."when did...where were...Oh my god...this is.. holy crap... your amazing...when did.. who?? PRICELESS!!! needless to say , he loved them. I truly can't wait to get the actual pics in my hand! Most of the pics I WILL NOT be showing to the world... {for Rene's eyes only!} but one of my FAV pics is this one below. I LOVE IT! I look at this picture and realize I have come a long way in my life's journey. I am happy with who I am in life and who I have become! I'm happy that I can see I look a lot like my mother and my father. I'm happy with my freckles, my wrinkles around my eyes . I think more women need to "be happy" with themselves and not wish to be different then they are, not wish to have smaller or bigger boobs, or a skinny body. We need to teach our young girls to be happy with themselves and strong in their minds. We all know the world needs morepositive young pass it along ladies!

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Amy said...

Mike has himself his very own special photo album of "pics" I have "given" him over the years---something I think every wife should give their husbands---means more to them then we can ever imagine.
GOOD FOR YOU for stepping outside of your comfort zone!!! I am sure Rene is so proud of you-and happy for himself!!
I might have to see if this lady has any more "vday" specials after vday...anniversary isn't far off.