Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A few random shots of day to day activities at the Aubertin house!

Carson showing off his artistic talents...

All dressed up in thier Easter outfits

We are shocked he actually got this helmet off...

Trying to get a cute picture of cruiser and the such luck!

"Try this daddy!"
It's so hard to believe May has arrived! May is such a refreshing month. The flowers are blooming, the grass is green and we are able to spend hours outside without bundling up with layers of clothing.
May is also the month that Rene and I orginally wanted to get married because it marks the anniversary of the first day we started to date. We decided not to pick May 7th as our date because we both loved the fall and really wanted to have a cool fall wedding. Funny enough.. on our wedding day September 8th, it was the hottest day with lots of humitity.
If you can believe it...we have been together for 18 YEARS...that's right 18!!!!!!!
We were babies when we started dating and we are in love with each other even more every year!
Happy Anniversary Babe!

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