Monday, June 2, 2008

catch up!

I just got home from teaching a watercolour card class at my store(Sweet Sentiments scrapbooking and more!) I lover teaching classes! it's so much fun to share a hobby I enjoy so much. I must say... I think I create better scrapbook pages then cards but I have just as much fun doing both. (I will post my card pics in my next blog post.)

This past Sunday was wonderful! I got to enjoy the entire day with my two beautiful children and my husband. Life is really crazy busy in the Aubertin house so spending an entire day doing whatever we want whenever we want to do it was GREAT! We worked outside a bit in the morning then asked the kids what they wanted to do. Carson's first request was Chucky Cheese and Shelyn's was the indoor playground in Kingston. I suggested that maybe we choose an activity to do close to home. So they both said"the beach". it was really overcast and the ground was very wet from our little rain storm the night before so I suggested we do a tour of "the county"(Prince Edward County) and see where we end up.

Everyone was game. We headed across the bay bridge and down Rednersville road. Rene and i love to admire all of the beautiful homes along the water. We stopped at Campbells Orchard. This is one of our favorite places to go in the fall around apple picking time and Thanksgiving weekend. Shelyn and Carson enjoyed some icecream while Rene and I did very well not to have soem for ourselves. After that we head to Wellington and stopped at the Wellington park. This is a great park located right on the shore of Lake Ontario. A great place for the kids to play and a great place to have a picninc, too bad the weather wasn't a little warmer. We all enjoyed a few games of hide and seek and skipping rocks in the water. Then we headed to Bloomfield for dinner then returning to home. We had a great day! I really wish we could have days like this more often.
I am having difficulty posting pics so I will do my best to post when I can figure things out!

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