Friday, June 6, 2008

feel'n HOT HOT HOT!

What a hot one!
I really hope we have a beautiful summer but I really do not wish for this heat! I'm not one to enjoy a lot of heat . I tend to gravitate to the shade and save my fare skin from the sun.

Today was Carson's class trip and mini Kindergarden graduation celebration. I must explain now why I do not have any pictures to post at the moment of this "special"day. I truly thought that just the Senior Kindergarden class was having a ceremony and the remainder of the day would be a fun class trip. so... I decided to keep my camera at home because it was really hot and I didn't want to be lugging it around the park. So there it sat.. at home on the kitchen counter! To my surprise, Carson was recieveing a certificate for graduating from Jr.K to Sr.K and my good friend's Angela and Erin were very kind to take some pictures of my little man getting is diploma. Thanks ladies! I really do appreciate your kindness and my scrapbook thank's you as well! :) Once I receive the pics I will post them to show you how proud Carson was today!

A little side note!
Spelling has always been a struggle for me. With modern technology I still make the odd mistake when writting. This is why I appoligize to you in advance. I know some of my "teacher"friends are reading my blog right now thinking, man, her spelling is TERRIBLE! Sorry guys! I will try my best to do spell-check at every chance I get! :)

Enjoy your weekend!

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