Sunday, May 18, 2008

We took a mini family vacation to Niagara Falls, Canada a few weeks ago.The kids love Niagara. All of the lights, people and not to mention the beautiful falls. At the end of our mini vacation, we met up with my parents and my mother and father in-law at Great Wolf Lodge for the night. We had a BLAST! It was great in many ways. First, to be able to spend sometime with both our mother and father and our in-laws( i have wonderful in-laws, who are actually friends with my parents. I know, I'm very blessed!)and we loved how catered to families this place really is. We took lots of pictures in the water park...why... I don't really know because they really are not pics that I would care to show the world but it all about the memories! We also love the fact that we could stay in our wonderful country and enjoy Canadian tourisim. We can't untl the next chance we have to go.

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