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Way back in June, I was shopping at one of my favorite local home decor store and stumbled upon a beautiful framed antique skeleton key. My eyes were drawn to it immediately. It was unique and seemed to have a story to tell. I love to find pieces like that. Unfortunately what I didn't love was the price tag. $45.00. Over my budget for that day. I examined the piece a little closer and thought this could be my next "crafting" project!

And so began the hunt for some antique keys. Not realizing this was gong to be the most difficult task for this project. I did find some keys locally however they really were not calling out to me.

On the July 1st long weekend, the kids and I headed to my brothers place close to Brockville On. for a nice long weekend visit. I was mentioning to my brother about this project and he reminded me of this amazing Antique shop we would stop at on our way to visit my aunt and uncle in Perth On many years ago. On that Saturday, Shelyn and I ventured out on the hunt for keys.

On the way , I tried to explain to Shelyn about what to expect when we arrived at this antique shop. Words really could not do it justice! Lets just say, she was stunned to see all of the treasures, as was I . The hunt began!

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Amazing I tell'ya!!!

You enter inside of the house and the entire place is FULL of anything you can imagine. Its not a place you could visit if you were the least bit claustrophobic. Narrow isles approx 12" wide, stacks of antiques taller than me!

I asked the gentleman at the front desk if he had any skeleton keys and he answered with a nod at the same time swung a door open behind him and "TA-DA" thousands of keys in every size, shape and style! Where to begin?? I explained what I was looking for and he reached in the door and grabbed a ring full of keys that were similar to what I was describing. It was like he had catorgorized the keys in his mind. Finally, after about 20 mins. of Shelyn and I examining the keys very closley, I found two that were PERFECT! He explained to me , one I choose was a reproduction dating back to the 60's and the other one I choose was approx 70-100 years old! WOW!!!

We left that shop and Shelyn says to me, "Mom...I felt like I was on the TV show Auction Hunters". She loved it and wants to bring Carson and daddy back to show them!

So on with the project...

These are the beauties I left the shop with. My darling husband looked at them and was not impressed. I actually don't think he could picture what the final product would be!

As you can see, the key on the right was the reproduction. Great design however, the gold color had to go.

I purchased a can of spray paint at my local hardware store. I actually forget the color but it was similar to an antique brown/rust.

Sprayed two coats on each side.

I purchased two frames with burlap matting at a local department store. Found some scrapbook paper in my stash that I thought looked great with the colors of the frame and keys. Cut the paper to 4x6 to fit the picture opening. Removed the glass and glued the keys to the paper.

Total cost of the project was $24.00 for two frames and keys

My inspiration retailed for $45.00 for one frame and key!

Not bad!!

They have now found their home in my front entrance way.

It turned out to be a great project and could even make a great gift for the right person!

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