Sunday, August 28, 2011

"1st in show"

Today has been the day Shelyn has been counting down on her calender for over three months! Today she would be riding in her very first horse show with her new horse "Monty". The last riding show for Shea was over three years ago with a different horse and riding coach . What a FANTASTIC day it was! Shea placed 1st in Walk/Trot Equitation...2nd in Walk/Trot and 1st is Cross rails jumping...not too shabby especially since she was up against some adults and 9-12 riders in each class! We are so proud of her hard work and dedication to this sport. She was at the barn last night for two hours, bathing, cleaning, polishing ,picking up poo and braiding the horse, then back at it again at 8 am this morning for the show. Man its a lot of work to get one horse ready for a few classes! but she LOVES it! Shea has a wonderful instructor Kirsten who is very good at what she does and makes the girls work hard! Shea was lucky to buddy up with another girl today, Megan, who rides at the same barn . They were able to team together and get everything ready for the show. Megan is also so helpful for Shelyn and genuinely cares for her like a little sister! I love when young kids can be such great role models! The cheering squad was in attendance as well. Both sets of Sheas grandparents, aunt and uncle, cousin and some friends where all there to shoe their support. When Shea was in her last class. Rene and I snuck away down by the ring to take a few pictures and to listen to the results. When they announced her last 1st place ribbon... we both looked at each other with a tear in our eyes...what a PROUD moment for the both of us!

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