Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where has the time gone??? Second week in June, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there are sounds of children playing outside until sundown. What a great time of year.

We have been busy with the usual around the Aubertin house. Enjoying sports activitie and enjoying time with family.

My dad celebrated his ?? Birthday this past May.

I love my dad! He's a wonderful man who has always shown me love unconditionally, taught me lots and been there for me when I needed my"daddy". I am very lucky to have a good combination of my mom and dad's traits. These are and example of a few of dads traits I think I have...The first trait I was blessed with is a little bit of the old Irish temper.. just a entrepreneur drive...ability to speak in front of crowds...teacher or mentor trait...determination...risk taker... and the "not so fav" physical trait of broad shoulders.. oh joy!

Love you Dad:)

Little Liam is growing up so fast! He will be 1 years old in December but to look at the little munchkin, he could pass for 2!

He's a smart little cookie, already speaking a few words in English and French(his mom is french) which has been fun because our entire family is learning along with him. Liam is such a joy. He's a sweetheart and such a good little guy. Sleeps well, eats well and will truly snuggle up to anyone whiling to snuggle with him. We love and miss my brother, my nephew Liam and sister in law Cat very much and enjoy every little visit we can with them!

Liams favorite self-soothing activity... one end of the blanket in his mouth, the other end between his toes...too funny!

on the move!

May/ June is Track and Field time at Shea's school. Shea is our little "Track Star"

She LOVES to run! ( I think she gets that from me :) NOT)

Her FAV running event is cross county and she said its her best event as well. In our school cross country is at the beginning of the year and track is at the end.

This year Shea decided to run the 400m and 800m events. Last year she also did the 1500m but felt it was way too hot so she didn't try for that one this year.

She placed 1st in both races at the school event(2 schools), placed 2nd and 3rd at the "ASG" (all schools event...7 schools) and placed 11th at the district...20 some? school)

She did an AMAZING job!

We are so proud of her determination and love of running!

Sorry about the eyes closed Shea!

Sporting her "trade mark" fashion trend. Hair elastic to tie the jersey to the side.

Too funny.. she does this with her hockey jersey as well

Love her originality!

This May we have moved Shelyn to a new riding barn. It was a bitter sweet moment for everyone. She had sat on her very first horse at the old barn , trained for her very first show and got bucked off for the very first time at the old barn.

Shelyn had a FANTASTIC coach there who brought so much knowledge and experience to Shelyn.

She was great with Shea however the horse was being pushed as far as it wanted to go and Shelyn was ready to go further so it was time to move on!

We are very fortunate to have MANY riding barns in our area. It actually makes it difficult to decide where to go. We come to find out in the equestrian world, word of mouth is a very powerful advertising tool.

We have found a WONDERFUL barn and Shelyn has met her new riding partner/horse" Monty". Monty and Shea work together like they have been together from the beginning and we can't say enough about Shelyn's new coach, Kirsten.

Shelyn and Monty are very excited to be training for another show this season.

They are both working hard each week with the Walk , trot, Jumper techniques and their looking pretty good so far!

This past Sunday I packed the kids up and took them to the riding show that Shelyn will be riding in the season. We love watching all of the different events, horses and riders do what they do best! This is the riding ring that Shea will be riding/judged in.

You can see an example of the jumps that Shelyn and Monty work on.

The jump heights start from 1 foot off the ground and go up to approx 4 feet. It doesn't look like

it would be so difficult but its amazing to watch all of the technical elements that go into jumping, which is in fact what the judging is all about!

Poor Carson.. I just realized this post is mainly about Shea...I will be sure to include a post with some of Carsons activities in the near future!
more to come soon...

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