Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday morning creativity

Woke up this morning, made myself a tea and ventured onto my favorite blogs. I LOVE the blog world. Each blog I go to , links me to other blogs and on and on. On many blogs, I have admired the"t-shirt" scarves. They looked so cool , easy to do and CHEAP!!! So this morning was the day I would give it a try. I have to say, it was SO easy and I know the more I do the more creative I will become with them. A few weeks ago I was in Napanee and saw a similar scarf in one of the boutiques with a price tag of $

I had all of the materials around the house so this project was FREE!!! Gotta love that! This is what you need:

-old tshirt(the larger the t-shirt, the longer the scarf will be)

-fabric glue/crazy glue


Step #1

Lay tshirt out on a flat surface

Step #2

Cut tshirt from arm pit to arm pit

Step #3

Cut off the bottom seam of the tshirt

Step #4

Cut strips of tshirt width wise, leaving a one inch band at the top of the shirt

Step #5

Once you have cut your strips , Pull each strip tight, this will create the rolling effect with the strips

Step #6

Put your hand through the top one inch band, creating the scarf

Step #7

Place scarf around your neck ..."ta da"!!!!

I used the extra fabric from the seam to create this adorable little rosettes and added pearls to the largest rosette, then glued the rosettes onto the scarf!

I think its adorable and cant wait to raid Rene's tshirt stash to make some longer one!

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