Thursday, October 29, 2009

little things bring great joy...

Rene and I are gradually re-doing our kitchen, well...I'm gradually redoing our kitchen. After many debates, we decided to tear down the border, paint, put in new counters, back splash, new lighting and replace the handles on our cabinets. Our cabinets are in great shape and are solid oak , so it really would be a shame to paint and not very economical to replace. We have completed the tearing down of the border and have repainted the entire kitchen (I love the paint color and can't wait to do the dinning room). We had a very hard time determining what type of handle to buy so we purchased three different styles and placed all three on the cabinets . This was the best way to make up our minds. We also got the input of family and friends as they visited. So of course we, and everyone else chose the most expensive handle at a meer $6.00 a pop. I know $6.00 doesn't seem like much but when you are replacing 46 handles...its' a lot!!! So paycheck by paycheck we have been gradually purchasing new handles. This is a slow process as we can only purchase what the store has in stock and every time we go to purchase more there only seems to be three or four there! So to make a short story long...last week I came home from work and found an envelope and a Home Depot bag on the counter. In the hHme Depot bag were six handles . I opened the card and immediately started to cry. The card was from my mom and dad and inside that card was a gift card with the reaming balance to cover ALL.. yes ALL of our handles! You see my parents.... actually my dad is a very sappy man and whenever he writes something in a card that he gives me, I start to get emotional. it must be that father -daughter bond. He wrote that he was very proud to be my dad and proud of everything I set out to do in my life ...sniff...sniff! I know its just handles but it was the perfect gesture at the perfect time.. I love you MOM and DAD and thank you for the wonderful gift.. they may not be the fanciest handles but we like them!

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