Monday, August 10, 2009

summer time recap

Carson striking a pose!

Great little soft ball team

Having some down time in the trailer at Darien Lake, NY
with the McKewons and Camerons

The "Silver Bullet" ride that the girls spend hours on...

John rescuing Carson from the shark

All thumbs up for the waterpark

The girls and mom's took in a Survivor show while the men made dinner

"We're not cold"

Me in panic mode on the Ferris Wheel...not a good ride for me...way too high!

The kids amusing themselves in a ride line up

Home made cookie sandwhich made by Peter..yummy!!!!

This is our GPS reading the Canadian and US border. the kids thought It was really cool that half of the car was in Canada and half in the US

Helicopter landing on the roof of a building at the Peace Bridge, US side


Carson's passing gift.. a two wheeled scooter

Cute kids...

Crazy kids...

Where has the summer gone? My last blog entry was July 16Th...what a blog slacker!!!
Life has been busy for the Aubertin family. Day trips, BBQ's , family vacations and a whole lot of fun! We camped with my in-laws for the first time. Lots of fun with the exception of the torrential down pour and hale storm...Sharbot Lake is one of my Favorite Provincial Parks. Baseball season wrapped up for Carson. He had another amazing year! Hi coach suggested that Carson try out for the Rep team next year...yikes! We also headed to Darien Lake theme park in New York with the McKewons , Camerons and a few new friends. What a blast! For the most part the weather was great. The kids and adults, enjoyed many rides and attractions and a few beverages by the fire. There were 11 kids all together and everyone of them got along really well! The girls(Shelyn, Maddy, Macey and Hannah) went on the silver bullet a "million"times. I love rides but I was getting motion sickness watching them go in circles for almost an hour total. Crazy kids! We did manage to do some shopping while in the US but I was a little disappointed I actually came back with money... you know what that means...that's right ladies, another shopping trip to plan! On our way home from Darien Lake , we stoped in Burlington, ON to visit the newest member of the McGarvey family. Baby Ella Anne McGarvey. My cousin Chris and his wife Laura and bg brother Jake welcomed Ella in early July. We had a great visit! It was pure luck that my Aunt and Uncle from Perth were in Burlington that weekend as well. So we had lots of laughs. This past week we celebrated my mom's birthday. I'm not going to mention her age as she would be mortified. I still consider her to be a young Chicky!'We also visited Oak Lake beach with the MacDonald family. I have not been to Oak Lake beach for many...MANY years. Wow, it sure brought back memories. the kids had a blast playing in the water, on the doc and the surf boards. Carson and Addison had fun in the mud.

We are gearing up for this weekend when we have our annual BBQ with friends near and far. this year we are putting a little twist int he evening and having a scavenger hunt/ car rally where guests are required to find different clues and objects along their travels. I will post some pic later next week.

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