Monday, August 10, 2009

random rambling...

Shelyn and Carson earn an allowance each week for keeping their room clean and various other task, which i must admit does not generally happen until they see something they REALLY want to buy. This week it was a mini skateboard called a "teck deck" . Essentially what it is, for those of you who may have no clue like I did, it's a mini skateboard that you would play with similar to a "hot wheels car". Carson purchase his first as Shelyn wasn't so excited about it, at first. Carson made himself a "teck deck"skate park in the backyard using a ladder, a pail and some random pieces of wood. He played for almost a full hour with this thing and for those of you who have a six year old boy will know, a full hour with his attention focused on one thing is almost UN heard of! Shelyn thought this looked like a cool idea so she joined him and they had a grand ol'time in the backyard. Needless to say, Shelyn wanted her own the next day!

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