Sunday, August 10, 2008

summer fun!

We are trying to enjoy our summer here as best we can. That is , if it's not raining! Man, I can't believe that amount of rain we are getting here in Ontario.
Just wanted to share a few pics of our recent summer adventures.
Last week we enjoyed a Friday afternoon in Cobourg, hanging out on the beach. I love Cobourg beach. It's clean, not too big, and FREE. They also have a wonderful splash pad and jungle gym right beside the beach. I helped the kids build their sand castle. We had to have a moat that went around it so away we went! Carson is the digging master. He can dig a hole in such a short period of time and generally the holes are as deep as he is tall. This bring my little man a lot of joy! Shelyn and I were the structure and curb appeal ladies. We were told,by Carson, to build the "building"and make it look nice. So that we did! A few games of Frisbee were played. I must admit, I really suck at Frisbee throwing! Carson was encouraging me to "keep trying". What a cutie! A great day was had by all!

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