Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another beautiful wedding weekend!

This Friday July 18th Rene's (my husband) cousin Tessa, married her sweetheart of eight years, Mike Pascoe. The wedding and reception took place at the Bay of Quinte Counrty club, here in Belleville. This is very fitting as Mike is a BIG TIME golfer and I have heard, a very good one at that! Their colours were chocolate brown and green, great combination! The bridesmaid dressed in adorable lace overlay brown dresses and the groomsmen adorned green button down shirts with light brown dress pants. Tessa's flowers were green spider mumms which is a little funny because Tessa is unbelievably afraid of spiders! It was an evening ceremony and cocktail reception. Tessa is a junk food fanatic so she had a Ben and Jerry's ice cream buffet and a candy bar. Great choice in my books! I think the highlight of the night, other than the wedding itself, was the first dance. Mike and Tess started out with a traditional dance then they broke into a "Rock the Reception"dance. This is when the music switches to some more hip tones and the bride and groom do a choreographed dance routine including the famous "sprinkler", shopping cart, and kung fo fighting to name a few. It was priceless! They did a fantastic job! Did I mention that Tess was a drama teacher! Very fitting for her!
It was a very anjoyable evening!
All the best guys!

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