Saturday, February 18, 2012

a few projects around the house

This weeks project was to organize the laundry room . I have big plans for this room. Painting it an inspiring teal blue, adding some word art, maybe even some wainscotting but for now it was just the shelf above the washer/dryer that needed a little TLC.

Trying to organize on a budget is always a goal of mine. So off to the local Dollar store I went and for under $12.00 , I was able to de-clutter and organize !


(yes, those are wet wipes you see on the saving them for any furture babies because that's not going to happen!They are PERFECT for the van, so I buy them by the case)

I love the bright, fresh lime green tubs I found at the $ store ($1.50 each)

I printed the basic labels on my computer. This tub is a home for those miss-matched socks that seem to take forever to find their match

I took everything out of the packaging to reduce the clutter. I like to keep my paper towels in the plastic to protect them from dust! I also added a little square brown basket on top of the dryer. This little guy holds all of that loose change, earrings and hair clips I find when cleaning out pockets.

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