Saturday, January 1, 2011

I know, I should be posting pics of the Christmas Festivities at the Aubertin house but I must admit.. I don't know how! Rene is always kind to download them from my camera to the computer. I did write myself a cheat sheet but it is nowhere to be found. So stay tuned for a recap of Christmas 2010.
I LOVE New Years Day. It usually is a day where we do NOTHING!!! These days don't usually occur at the Aubertin house so needless to say, we were truly looking forward to ringing in the New Year! Our day started at 9am...yes, the kids and us actually slept in! Rene made a great breakfast and I made myself a yummy Chai Latte from my new Tossimo that Santa brought me. YUM!!! Carson and I worked on his Crosby puzzle and Shelyn and I did some organizing in her bedroom. Afterwards I grabbed the laptop and started some site/blog hopping. I've been on the hunt for some "gotta have them" end tables, coffee table and decor ideas for the new house. My new model in this house is that if I don't LOVE it, I don't buy it! My old model was, If its on Sale, I can learn to like it! Gone are those days.. bye bye! Don't get me wrong, I still love a good bargain but life is too short to compromise and why not be surrounded by the things you love.
So I found a new store in Toronto. Its called West Elm...LOVE IT! I will have to visit it the next time Im there. In the meantime, I can enjoy they website. I also hopped onto Pottery Barns site and found few gems there as well. The prices may seem high but I must tell you, Rene and I were at a big, chain furniture store the other day and found a coffee table and end table that were very appealing but found out they were going to be around $700.00 for the set and they were not even wood! I DON'T THINK SO!!! What are they thinking?
Take a peek at these great little gems I found at Pottery Barn and WestElm
Pottery Barn $239 Pottery Barn $239

West Elm $229
( #1 choice)


West Elm(toronto)...$149.99 SALE
(#2 choice)
Aren't they great!
Very hard to decide which one it will be? I still have to find a coffee table that will go with the side table. I would love a nice bug round table but nothing has caught my eye yet.
Time to retire for the evening. Renes working, Shelyn has her friend over and Carson and I are headed to bed for some snuggles... he's too cute, always crawls into my bed when Rene's on night! gotta Love it!
Happy New Year everyone!

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