Wednesday, August 4, 2010


FOR SALE!!!!!!
Well, our house selling process has been a roller coaster ride that we are still on! We had an offer on our house the second week it was on the market. The buyers finances fell through after giving him two months to figure it out..GRRR!!!!
We had another offer come in last week but we declined it as it wasn't even close to our bottom line!
Many people through and many people saying the love the house but I guess not the perfect buyer yet.
This process has taught us patience and perseverance! We are so eager to get into our dream home which is coming along nicely.
We are building with Duvanco Homes . They have been FANTASTIC to work with. Dustin and his team are wonderful and really are working for us!
We can't say enough about this builder and feel very good about choosing DUVANCO HOMES to build our dream home!
I will be posting pictures soon of our new house but i'm a little apprehensive as our house is not sold yet! :(

Rene just returned from a five day vacation to Las Vegas with his brothers dad and a few other friends. There trip was to celebrate Rene's brother Chris 's Bachelor party.
I know.. have you seen the movie "Hanghover"?? This was the thought that went through my head as well!
I'm happy to report they all arrived home safe and sound!
Rene was such a sweetie to bring us home some treats. Even something a little sparkly for me!!!
I love this man!


Another beautiful Canada Day !
Unfortunately Shelyn and Rene were not able to join us this year but Carson and I headed to my aunt and uncles cottage on Howe Island!
I'm sure you have heard me mention Howe Island many times before.
We LOVE our trips to the island!

Mataya and Carson Celebrating our countries birthday!

For those of you who know Rene and I well, you know we have a strong love for CHOCOLATE!!
We are lucky to live very close to a Chocolate Factory in Cambellford, ON.
We grabbed our cooler one Sunday afternoon and headed out to the Factory.
We actually grabbed a pizza first and had a picnic in the park on the Trent River.
it was a great little spot to enjoy some live music and watch some beautiful boats (yachts) travel down the river.
I love family afternoons!

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