Monday, March 2, 2009

random thoughts and a few cute things!

There is always a buzz around our house. Kids playing/arguing, dog barking,Guinea pig oinking, washing machine working overtime and the phone ringing. All very similar sounds for you as well I'm sure! Some days I just want peace and quite but most days I feel there is something very comforting about these sounds.I think it's because I know we have a very active,healthy and happy home! I work two jobs, run my own business, volunteer, have an amazing husband who is a shift worker, children in after school and weekend activities and a large network of wonderful family and friends. I would have it no other way! Life is great! Yes, we all have our bumps in the road and our wants and desires in life but I truly believe life could not get any better! I have watched many close friends and family member battle unbelievable odds and I take strength in knowing that if they can do it, so can I. it's funny because in my twenties, I was really self conscious about a lot of things. A few weeks ago, I had a great visit from one of my cousins and we were chatting about this very issue. How we tend to get caught up in what others think of ourselves instead of what we think of ourselves. How empowering our own thoughts can be on our very own self esteem. My cousin is in her late twenties and I can see she is starting to build that confidence and I totally understand where and why her thoughts are what they are. i was there once but now I'm here and I'm proud to say I'm happy with ME!'
Women are powerful human beings. We can do anything we set our mind and heart to do! Be proud yourself and your accomplishments! Be proud to be you!

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