Thursday, October 30, 2008 favorite time of the year!

I know...I know, I am a very bad blogger. Although I do like checking out all of my fav blogs on a regular basis, I'm really neglecting my own. So this is major catch-up time.

The kids are back in school now and are really enjoying their year so far. Shelyn had a rough go last year(for a number of reasons) but this year she loves school! Shelyn and Carson both have great teachers, which we are very thankful for! We are so lucky to have such a great teaching staff at Foxboro. They are full of school spirit and make the classroom atmosphere a very positive place to learn and grow.

Shelyn is still enjoying her horse back riding. She did a second level jump this past week and of course, I forgot my camera at home. I was so proud of her! I could see it on her face that she was proud of herself! Shelyn was also asked t join her friend Erika, this year, at the Harvest Arts group. They do dance and vocal. Erika's mom and I have been taking turns dropping off the girls and I usually have a few places to run then I come back and pick them up. Last week I decided to stay and watch. They were GREAT!! The dance they study Hip Hop and it's really fun! Shelyn tried to teach me some of the moves but told me to stop because I wasn't doing it right. Ok...Ok...I get the message! They are performing on a float in the Santa Claus parade this year and Shelyn is on cloud nine!

Carson has started his second season of Hockey in Stirling. A great little hockey community that has pumped out a few great NHL players as pressure Carson!LOL Rene was coaching last year but due to scheduling , he can't commit to coaching this year. I think he really enjoys watching Carson now. It's a different perspective as a parent, then on the ice. Carson loves hockey and has come a long way since his first skate last year. He's become a great little skater and loves to go for the net! It's very cute watching a pack of 4, 5 and 6 year old's trying to maneuver their way around a big ice surface. Priceless!

Tomorrow is Halloween and a significant day for a lot of people in our lives. The kids are excited about Trick or treating with their freinds, Rene returns home from being away for a week on training, My cousin Tara turns 27 , our cousin Tessa turns...I think 28 and a good friend, Christine, who has been battling Breast Cancer at the age of 26, is having her first mastectomy. She just got married to an incredible man last week and now she is loosing a part of her body because of this nasty disease. Christine has a wonderful spirit and a very positive attitude on life, which I know had helped a lot of her support network around her. We were joking a few weeks ago about the fact that , after surgery, she can pick any boobie size she would like and she will ever have to wear a bra again! LOL What a girl. Christine is my cousin Tara's best friend and also my business partner, Laura's sister. We all wish her the very best! You go girl!

I thinks that;s enough for now. I hope to have many more pics to post in a few days!

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